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Our First Blog Post!

  Welcome to our website blog.  We hope to make this an important source of a news, how-to's and announcements.  Initially our discord support staff will be creating articles, then as members show an interest we can open the blog to them as well. Now for the real first post. I have been working for the last couple of months on a new version of the website and underlying infrastructure.  The goal is to add some new features, improve performance, and lower costs.  It looks very promising.  Let me go over some of the new features. Download recovery point as a zip file. Reset foundry and hosting configuration files. Yes, finally,  you will be able to download your whole game server data as a single file.  This will be a zip file that  you can download.  Any unzip tool will be able to open the file and access your data. Some people have asked for an ability to upload a zip file and build their server.  This is problematic and I think would cause more issues than solve. There is a file i