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Major Infrastructure Upgrades!

  Hello everyone, It has been a long time in the making but we are finally ready make the move to a new datacenter where we will have much bigger hardware and faster networks. We will make the move Jan 3, 2023 at 1600 UTC. Let's get right to the changes, first I will talk about the hardware/network. Our application servers are now our own. Meaning we won't share with any other customers like what happens in the cloud environment.  All CPU and ram is ours to use exclusively.  The application servers have a total of 128 CPU cores and 512 gig's of ram. That is just our starting point. ;) Our external network to the internet will be a full 1Gbe with an upgrade path to 10Gbe at the turn of a switch. The internal network has the same capacity. However this is not a shared network like in a Cloud, the full bandwidth is for the exclusive use of  the games. All hard drives in the storage array are all SSD managed by a hardware raid controller. The array has fault tolerance built in