Post Mortem or Rather Recap

 That was a long two days I have to admit.  I worked on this migration for the last year and a bit.  I thought I had everything covered.  I was hoping to have it all done in about an hour.  As some of you noticed, it was more like 5 hours.  Here are some things I encountered and where they stand as far resolution.

1) There was an issue with an invalid SSL/TLS certificate.  This is the thing that puts the lock symbol in your browser.  I put the wrong certificate up and didn't realize it had expired. People reported it and I was able to fix right away. 

Resolution: Bought a new certificate and put it up.

2) People were able to start their game server, however everything was slow as molasses. Very frustrating to say the least.

Resolution:  The file server needed tunning.  It has lots of capacity, however, the network was choking off the connections.  Change some config values and viola!

3) Random in game "Server Disconnects" notices.

Resolution: This one turned out to be tricky.  Because we play for hours in our games, sometimes doing a great deal of talking, the firewall can think that the connection is stale and will close it.  I  have made changes for it to better recognize long standing connections and leave them alone.

4) Handful of users games wouldn't start.

Resolution:  They were over their storage allotment and the game server couldn't start. They had to delete some data or upgrade their packages.  There was one case were the chat log was so huge that it was crashing the game. Remember folks delete or archive your chat logs after each game.

5) Credit card processing was delayed.

Resolution:  Remember the SSL issue in point one. Well I didn't put the new certificate on that application.  The credit card company wouldn't send any updates to a expired certificate. Doh! This may take a few days for the credit card company to catch up with all the transactions.

6) Delay in getting Backup/Restore active.

Resolution:  I had to re download all the old backup files from the old file server. This took time. Then I had to convert them from a tar archive to zip.  This would allow for people to be able to open their backups at home after they downloaded them. 

That was the bulk of the major issue that I encountered. There were small bugs in the website code that I killed rather quickly.  I am sure there still are more.  I just want to say thank you for being patient during this migration. It was a great deal of data to move and modify. Let me just say I buy hard drives in the Terabyte range. I am confident that it will be an improvement, it just make take a few days to settle and do the fine tuning that is always required.

May your games always be fun,
Pencils forever sharp,
and your rules books at the ready.

G Pa Dax (Brad)


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